Mode en hypes


Populaire zaken, modes, hypes, massagedrag: ze hebben allemaal een nut. Ik heb het altijd al vermoed.

Zojuist lees ik dit:

“Christ has failed in all his engagements as both savior and deity. If his doctrines were that easily misinterpreted, if his logic was that specious, let’s throw it out. It has no place. It is worthless to a civilized society if it is subject to gross misinterpretation.”

“The popular mind has never displayed an overabundance of objectivity. The popular mind accepts most data with little or no question, unless it happens to hurt. Then it is rejected.”

“I believe in the glorification of the ego. That is a good separation process. A pumped-up, overinflated ego will display a fool’s flaws quickly and put him out of the running, while the worthy will rise to meet the added responsibilities that will accompany their exaltation.”

“I don’t find popular pursuits distasteful per se, only the hysteria which accompanies them. Yet I also realize that without that very popularity, less unification of the herd would transpire, leading to chaos and loss of control. That is why I recognize a need for popular pursuits and would do nothing to discourage them. Just count me out.”

(Uit “Today’s Madness Is Tomorrow’s Norm” van Anton Szandor Lavey)

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